2016     Lark Gallery, Hawthorne
2015     bG, Bergamot Station Santa Monica
2015     Hale Arts Space, Santa Monica 
2015     Nitespa, Venice 
2014     Brand Library, Glendale 
2001     Odalisque Fine Art, Venice 
1999     Tom Binder Fine Art, Marina del Rey 
1996     Odalisque Fine Art, Venice
1988     Gallery 409, Marina del Rey 
1987     James Turcoutte Gallery, Los Angeles 
1984     Comeback Inn, Venice 
1984     Santa Monica City Spring Art Show 
1983     Pacific Art Guild 


Robinson-May Department Stores (Office of the CEO), Los Angeles
Water and Power Federal Credit Union, Los Angeles
Friedman, Hahn and Rheingold, CPAs,  Encino

Dr. Barbara De Angelis, Brentwood
Dr. Bret Lyon, Santa Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson, Dana Point
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Finch, San Clemente
Ms. Stevie Stewart, Beverly Hills

I have painted Metascapes for 30 years.   I also make intimate videos that capture in-the-moment movement and ambient sound and I draw and paint expressive portrait and figurative imagery.

Video and Figurative Art

I facilitate a workshop and offer coaching on Exploring and Nurturing Creativity through the processes of guided exercises,  inner reflection, and engaging in dialogue.

The moment of the present being the moment of creativity ... creativity is opening up to you every  single moment of time, the experience of that would be the real moment of awareness.  ... a truly spontaneous experience of living ... a spontaneous unfolding of life... there is nothing routine about it, there is nothing repeated about it: it is continuously new.  -- Krishnamurti