The Inner Work of Creativity

Individual Coaching and Small Group Workshops

Explore and actualize your unique creativity
though process-oriented exercises,
inner reflection, and deep dialogue


The Creative Process

Formulation    discovery of the artist's subject or problem

Saturation       a period of intense research on the subject or problem

Incubation      letting the unconscious sift the information and develop a response

Inspiration      a flash of one's own unique solution to the problem

Translation     bringing the internal solution to outer form

Integration     sharing the creative answer with the world and getting feedback


The moment of the present being the moment of creativity ... creativity is opening up to you every  single moment of time, the experience of that would be the real moment of awareness.  ... a truly spontaneous experience of living ... a spontaneous unfolding of life... there is nothing routine about it, there is nothing repeated about it: it is continuously new.  -- Krishnamurti