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Michael Baroff's work is reminiscent of the paintings of Mark Rothko and have a mystical and spiritual quality, to be appreciated in an intimate relationship between the image and viewer.               

Scott Canty, Director/Curator,  Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

Metascapes are featured in the publication  Shambhala Art Square One: Vol 1. Issue 2 (Oct - Dec 2016)


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Form and matter are in continuous transmormation – everything changes.  It is energy that gives form to what is in princple shapeless. Michael Baroff’s artistic investigation is exactly in this direction, particularly in the Space-Form-Energy relationship, where space is the place of action available for form/matter as it is identified by a position.  Starting from real images to what he sees and feels through direct exposure to being and existence, Baroff tries to create a synthesis in terms of lines and colors, inserting the randomness that is proper to change and incidence. The result is an almost metasphysical study that passes from reality to abstraction through the space of interiority.  The viewer who observes his works evokes their own images and mental spaces, entering into a deep emotional connection with the work.

 Art Curator Frederica D’Avanzo, M.A.D.S  Gallery, Milan, Italy

Michael Baroff has painted Metascapes for over 30 years.  His other ongoing work includes figurative drawing and painting, monotypes, photography and video. 

Michael's  studio is in Santa Monica, California where he currently serves on the Santa Monica Arts Commission and Public Arts Committee. 

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